Epson LX-310+ II 9 Pins Parallel/USB 8,700.00

    The Perfect Choice for Affordable, Compact Printing This powerful little printer has what it takes get the job done. Itâ??s predecessor, the best-selling LX-300, was already a winner. Now, the LX-300+ takes that performance a step further with faster throughput, more versatile paper handling, and an energy-efficient new design. Itâ??s a dot matrix printer that makes the competition want to head for the hills! Significantly Faster Throughput - The LX-300+ now offers significantly faster throughput for higher productivity. In fact, Draft mode output at 10 cpi is 25% faster than before, and thereâ??s a new High-Speed Draft mode that delivers an astonishing 337 characters per second! An even pleasanter surprise is that the LX-300+ is still one of the quietest printers in its class. Improved Paper Handling - Versatile paper handling is something our printers are famous for, and the LX-300+ is no exception. In fact, it outdoes its predecessor with a new bottom-feed paper path that's ideal for handling complex, multi-page forms. Even on multi-page forms that are five layers thick, the LX-300+ delivers crisp, clean printouts to the very last page. User-Friendly Software - User-friendly driver software lets you monitor and control the LX-300+ from your PC. For MS-DOS users, our EPSON Remote! provides a streamlined, easy-to-use interface, and for Windows® 95/98/2000 and Windows® 4.0 users, there's a full-featured driver with the real-time monitoring convenience of EPSON Status Monitor 3. Energy-Saving Reliability - Energy-efficient electronics and a redesigned print head keep power consumption low, and when the printer is idle, a new Sleep mode saves you even more money. Rugged construction and premium-quality components assure long service life with minimum downtime. Versatile Networking - Parallel and serial ports are built into the LX-300+, and ESC/P support and IBM 2380Plus emulation are standard. In more complex office environments, you can add an optional EpsonNet external print server with 10Base-T and 100Base-Tx connectivity for fully networked operation.